Social Media Insight

Social media monitoring to help brands gain thorough insight

Social media advertising is something our team carries out rightfully to provide the required results. So in order to track our work, PostBox Social, delivers social media insights in accordance with the current trends prevailing in the digital world around you. The world today is shifting from traditional print mediums to digital mediums for news, updates, entertainment, information and what not! Social media is no more a medium for mere advertising. It’s more of a battle ground which brands need to conquer. Rather than talking about themselves brands have understood that social media is the spot where other individuals talk about you, your presence, your profit and loss. Here, users all around the world have constructed individual lives, have created connections, have shared their experiences, and have likewise developed businesses. Social networking stays one of the paramount digital topics, as leading platforms keep on pulling in tremendous audiences and record for an undeniably large share of consumers’ time spent on the web. So it is equally important to keep track of the insights and measure the results for a deeper understanding.

Upon embracing audience driven social media metrics, the sky’s the limit in the ways that you can experiment, characterize and improve the strategy behind your social media communications. The right social strategy can transform fans into steadfast supporters, increase customer interactions and significantly enhance advertising execution.

To get a sense of how these social networks fare over the course, it’s worth getting some insight as to how they stack up against each other.

Facebook is the most browsed social network on social media with a large base of 100 Million users, clearly it is not fading away anytime soon in India. More than 80% of those users access Facebook via their mobile phone throughout the day.

Total Twitter users in India are 33 Million and from this base 76% of users access it via their mobile phone.

LinkedIn has 26 Million Indian users, of the total 300+ Million users.

Of the total chunk of 70 Million total users on Pinterest, 5.5 Million comprise from India.

Instagram usage is more dominated by men in comparison to women, the ratio being 75/25. It shows only 1/4th of the women population in India are on Instagram, looks like selfies are more appreciated by men than women!

We promise to provide the best social media strategies so the your brand lives a long and happy digital life!. We are just a call away, let's measure the positives and eliminate the negatives.