Social Media Analytics

Analysis is the stepping stone to success !

Social Media Analytics, is the method of examining brands and customers online. It goes beyond social media listening to a deeper and emotional level. Here data is collected from, social media sites, blogs, social media campaigns and evaluated to make business decisions. The objective for each data analysis can vary, from, enhancing business returns, reducing customer service expenditures, obtaining feedback on services and products, increasing public opinion about a specific product or niche, to one of the key objective, of improving the products or services. Different objectives lead to unique approaches.

There are numerous tweets, comments,likes, shares etc. The large chunks of data here, needs to be comprehended, the sentiment behind each move needs to be understood, in order to draw useful insights.

Now, to get through the study, there are several tools that are put to use. Namely, Facebook Insights, Pinterest Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Instagram Insights, Youtube Analytics, Google Analytics etc. All of them are utilized, to know how are customers are engaging with your brand online.

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