PostBox Social Initiatives

With the strong opinion “Change begins with us”, we at PostBox Social a social media strategy agency in Mumbai India undertake social media marketing initiatives to bring about changes in the mindset of people in todays ever changing. We go beyond just the ‘regular’ and initiate practices that we strongly believe in.

Have a look at a handful of social media campaign initiatives-

Thank You Women

Women – the epitome of Beauty, Love and Care, have always been the strongest pillar of our society. Be it your mother, sister, wife or someone else, they’ll definitely be the one to have your back when you need someone to support you. Stay tuned with us ThankYouWomen for all the excitement and show us all your support and gratitude by joining us in our celebration to commemorate Women! We, at PostBox Social, heartily congratulate all women for their achievements in every sphere of their lives and thank them for everything they have done and contributed for the society.


Imagine a place where you just talk about the technological advancements the latest occurences in the digital world. Be it the new smartphones competing with apple or Instagram and Snapchat taking over the society in a flash. Sociotronics by PostBox Social, is an initiative bringing all the digital happenings around the globe. It is dedicated to those who want to be constantly updated with the ever changing world of digital media. Like our page and dive into the constantly changing flux of Digital Media and social networking.

Contest Mela

Now, who doesn’t love to win prizes? We can see the daily offers and contests updates on our Facebook pages, twitter and mobile applications. From eating or buying online stuff to participating in different contests, Contest Mela- an initiative of PostBox Social will bring about all these on a single platform informing everyone about the daily contests and offers prevalent around you. Now be informed about every single contest running and never miss out on a chance to win those exciting prizes on our page !