Ground Activations

Making your product popular is our duty!

When you go to purchase a product of a famous brand, do you ever stop to ask yourself, how did they become so dependable and trustworthy? When a product is first manufactured it is practically unknown to the public. On-ground brand activation is rapidly turning into a successful method for connecting with buyers and building up a two-way intuitive platform. As intense as an on-ground enactment activity can be for making constant customer engagement, it can likewise be a bit tricky to pull off.

On-ground activation is not as unusual as you may think. Consumers are subjected to a huge number of brand messages consistently, and product activation needs to be really extraordinary to catch the attention of the audience. Presenting consumers and purchasers with an appealing and engaging experience will make the brand's life advertising technique much less demanding. There are numerous alternatives like corporate centers, college campuses, commercial complexes, shopping malls etc., each serving a different set of people. Carefully analyzing the need of the campaign and the desired target audience can assist you with recognizing vital areas where the campaign would work the best.

Along with on-ground activations, it is extremely important that these events are covered, and reach that segment of customers as well, who did not witness it personally. PostBox Social, one of the top social media agencies in Mumbai, has served brands with real time coverage of ground activations. Making these videos and pictures available on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine videos and several other social networking sites is a necessity. And we have been successful to surpass that necessity! As a social media agency, we have covered various events in India and have let these stories go viral on social media. So let us know what you have to say, and we will let others know, what you've got, in store.