Bloggers Outreach Program

A blogger outreach program is a social media service provide by PostBox Social where you, your company or your agency works closely with a carefully chosen group of bloggers to promote your company, brand, services and/or products.  The group of bloggers will utilize your products and services and write a review as a post on their site in return for payment, product or both The bloggers have what you're searching for – an extremely energetic and loyal following who value the opinion of the person writing the blog. Its SOLID word-of-mouth marketing is next to gold for your brand. The Return on Investment on a solid blogger outreach program can be quite compensating if done correctly.

Key Features of this programme:-

  • Creating a sense of Trust High rank bloggers writing about your brand which create a feeling of trust in customers.
  • Increases site activity Since this blogger are asked to design the content as per your brand requirement, there are more people reading about your brand and website. Eventually creating interest for your brand and thereby pulling more traffic and activity.
  • Creating a Good opinion about your brand By building an association with consumer, also increases the probability that the brand will be promoted too by those consumers.
  • New, fresh and amazing content Not only are you getting great site visits from the programme, but also a variety of people composing and writing fresh content for you!